Photog by Peter Vidani
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Scott's Pizza Journal: Goodbye Pizza Box →



After all the reports and rumors and even with brown paper up in the windows, I still thought there was a chance for Pizza Box. The typical New York slice shop was part of a dwindling tribe, having been in business since 1957. Box’s owner had assured me on several occasions that they were…

This is sad — another sign of the decline of the mid-price slice. It seems more and more there’s no room for a decent “New York slice” between the hordes of $1 slice shops and (often subpar) more expensive gourmet pizzerias.

I used to go to Pizza Box often between classes at NYU. Its backyard garden seating area was an oasis of quiet solace (and, later due to declining business, solitude) in an increasingly commercialized area filled with chain restaurants, overpriced dying music venues and loud bars. I imagine things on this stretch of Bleecker will be even more different once it lives in the shadow of the new high-rise buildings NYU is about to construct a few blocks over.

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