Photog by Peter Vidani
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Wow. Simply fascinating. Anyone interested in the new technology realm has probably by now heard of 3D printers. I remember when I first heard the term being bandied about in a Popular Science magazine some 9 or 10 years ago before there was any such functional model. But now, these things are real. They can make detailed objects designed on a computer come into the physical world with ultra-precision, created with a mixture of synthetic plastics as the medium.

And, audiophiles take note, 3D printing can now be applied to making ‘vinyl’ records. Granted, the material is not vinyl but a mixture of several synthetic substrates and the sound quality as of now is far from true vinyl, but isn’t this just incredibly interesting? A harbinger of things to come, perhaps. See below for an embedded video of one of these computer-printed records playing some muffled but undeniably recognizable Nirvana. 



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